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26.04.2018 - 07:36:15 Uhr
The new Federal road shall be built until 2006
We need a fast connection to the European motorway network – that is the claim of vast parts of the people of the southeast Oberlausitz. Because roads are lifelines promoting trade and economy. Just as in the heyday of the Oberlausitz, when the two big sales routes enabled economic exchange.

Those two arterial roads still exist. In the meantime the west-east arterial route between Frankfurt/M. and Görlitz has been improved as a motorway (BAB 4). The north-south connection, however, is only a federal road. It ends as a cul-de-sac in Zittau. Maps

Because of this insufficient connection, the administrative district Löbau-Zittau profits too little from the motorway. The problem is worsened by the fact that there exists no efficient cross-border arterial road in the direction of the Czech Republic too. Through this many local enterprises have to accept competition disadvantages. And this has a negative effect.

On the other hand, big economic prospects arise for the administrative district with regard to the EU east expansion, since the administrative district being close to the border to Czech and Poland creates a favourable strategic starting position.

Many inhabitants of the administrative district Löbau-Zittau therefore fight for a connection between the BAB 4 and the Czech expressway R 35. First of all the Team B178 Team B178 and the LobbyB178 Lobby B178.