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Economic Consequences of the B 178
Feasibility Study on an extension close to the local conditions
Report on the traffic development at the B 178 and the S 148
Economic Consequences of the B 178
In July 1998, the College of Technology, Economy and Social Sciences Zittau/Görlitz (FH) and the Institute of Ecology and Conservation researched the economic effects of road constructions carried out on border territory with a less developed infrastructure on the example of the trunk road B 178 in the administrative district Löbau-Zittau. The following conclusions were drawn.

The state of development of the infrastructure in the examined region represents an economic development hindrance (“bottleneck”). As a result, the economic development possibilities resulting from the building of the B 178 are assessed positively by a vast majority of the local enterprises questioned in the context of this examination. This holds for enterprises of all sizes and trades.

The following effects and assessments can be stressed particularly: By the extension of the B 178, an improvement of locational factors and competitiveness can be expected. Besides lower costs due to shorter travelling times, especially the criteria of proximity to the market must be mentioned, since it plays an important role when in location decisions.

This improvement of locational factors is expected to result in increases in turnovers, investments and jobs. At least relevant minorities of the enterprises questioned confirm these expectations. In so far as concrete details were given, the enterprises reckon with turnover increases in the amount of 4 million DM per year, an additional investment volume of 1.6 m DM as well as 20 additional jobs.

There is altogether reason for justifiably expecting that the building of the B 178 will dispose of the existing development hindrances, improve the competitiveness of local enterprises and open up new growth opportunities.
Feasibility Study on an extension close to the local conditions
The street planning department and building control office Bautzen ordered a feasibility study, the object of which was the extension close to the local conditions of section 3 of the B 178 between Zittau and Löbau. The study proves that the following criteria speak against such an extension

  • not all of the parameters of the category A I can be attained, or they can be attained only with an increased effort

  • essential deteriorations for residents (e.g. noise pollution) and bus traffic (10% more time for travelling) would occur

  • the B 96 would not be as eased of traffic as was striven for

  • the carriageway of the old B 178 would have to be demolished and built anew

  • the costs would be approx. 8.5 m Euro higher than the costs of the newbuilding

  • 6 buildings would have to be pulled down

  • 91 buildings would be impaired by noise and pollution

  • alternative routes for busses and slow traffic would have to be created

  • the road inevitably would have to be closed during the time of construction, and traffic diversions would cause great expenditure

The planning office commissioned recommends the road building authorities to still base the planning of section 3 on the determined new route.
    Report on the traffic development at the B 178 and the S 148
    In 1997, the planning office DR. BRENNER + MÜNNICH evaluated different data from different sources to analyze the traffic situation on the B 178. As a result, the following observations were made.

    Between 1991 and 1995, the B 178 developed from a trunk road with relatively unproblematic traffic occupancy into a road with the highest growth rate (+40% to +70%) of all east Saxon trunk roads. On the open road, occupancy differences in certain sections were increasingly levelled out. The tendency goes toward a throughout high occupancy between Löbau and Zittau. At the same time, motor vehicle traffic was increasingly forced to use the urban side road network. Further characteristic features of the traffic situation today are: an exceptionally high share of lorry traffic which turns out to be higher in the municipal area (north of the S 148) than on the open road south of Löbau; a continuously high basic occupancy (> 1000 motor vehicles per 24h) during the day (from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.).

    The new B 178 has a high traffic effectiveness and reaches a traffic occupancy of 18200 up to 27000 motor vehicles per 24h at the sections A 4 - B 6, B 6 - S 148 (by-pass Löbau) and S 148 – B 178 old which are already decided on to a large extent; from this a throughout four-lane newbuilding has to be derived.

    According to the expert, the following essential conclusions arise as a result of the examination: The necessity and the traffic effectiveness of the new B 178 in the area of eastern Saxony can in general be confirmed. The four-lane route extension should be adhered to. The scenario of the prognosis zero case is not acceptable for the region of the district. As a reaction to the aggravation of the traffic situation at the B 178 in Löbau within the last few years, the section B 6 – S 148 should be given higher priority. The traffic situation at the B 178 / S 148 chargeable to the structural development of the district Löbau – Zittau requires an acceleration of the planning process.
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