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lausitz begleitet und aus Mitteln der GA 'Verbesserung der regionalen Wirtschaftsstruktur' durch das Sächsische Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft und Arbeit finanziert.
Calculation of requirements
Every road planning starts with a calculation of requirements. This is the basis for construction trunk roads and national roads. In those calculations, carried out by the Federal Government and its Länder the state roads to be built or improved are specified and provided with a degree of priority. The calculations also include planning instructions for the road construction authorities.
Determining the route
In the course of the determination of the route the outline of the planned road and the scheduled connections to the remaining road network are specified. In this not only the calculation of requirements is taken into account, but the interests of persons affected and issues of environmental compatibility are included as well.
Draft planning
After an extensive concept has been found, road constructors elaborate on the details. A modern draft route planning particularly takes into account the structuring of the traffic space. During all stages of planning the road is considered as a three-dimensional object.
Planning permission hearing
According to the road laws and regulations, new trunk roads, state roads and district roads can be built only if the plan consisting of drafts, calculations and explanations has been established beforehand. The purpose of this establishing of the plan is to weigh up all public and private interests affected by the project and to reconcile opposing interests.
Ausführungsplanung / building
The company making the most reasonable offer is awarded the contract and the road can be built.

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