The Prime Minister of Saxon, Georg Milbradt, confirmed that he is hold...
Das Projekt wird
vom Regional-
management Ober-
lausitz begleitet und aus Mitteln der GA 'Verbesserung der regionalen Wirtschaftsstruktur' durch das Sächsische Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft und Arbeit finanziert.
The idea to create an efficient north-south-axis reaches back to the Thirties.
In the Zittau News of August 16th, 1939 (no.189,p.7), the first cut of the spade for the Empire Motorway Reichenberg-Zittau-Görlitz has been reported. Piers at the railway track in Eckartsberg show the first building activities, which however had been stopped again soon.

The plans slumbered in the drawers in GDR times. Only after the political turn in 1989,the necessary north-south-axis has been discussed again publicly. After the reunification of Germany one thing soon became clear: The opening of the borders to the two neighbouring countries Poland and Czech is decisive for the future regional development. A more efficient road connection to Liberec and to Weißenberg was soon picked out as a central theme. The newbuilding of the B 178 as urgent need found its way into the Federal traffic route plan in 1992, which was the most important prerequisite for the building of the route. Politics, administration and enterprises have been struggling for the realization of the project since this time. Here are the most important stages Stages.
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