The Prime Minister of Saxon, Georg Milbradt, confirmed that he is hold...
Das Projekt wird
vom Regional-
management Ober-
lausitz begleitet und aus Mitteln der GA 'Verbesserung der regionalen Wirtschaftsstruktur' durch das Sächsische Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft und Arbeit finanziert.

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Milbradt on the B 178
The Prime Minister of Saxon, Georg Milbradt, confirmed that he is holding tight to the building of a new Federal road B 178. The project will not suffer from the financial efforts of reconstructing the flooded areas. Wolfgang Groß, fit managing director, asked politics to hold to the building of the B 178 as well. He described the road as a lifeline of the region. At the same time, Milbradt appealed to local government politicians to “press through” the planning of the road with regard to private critics. According to him, the building was not a financial problem, but one of the planning and building laws and regulations. Arndt Voigt, mayor of the town of Zittau, brought the message from Bogatynia that the Polish adhere to a three-sided connection of the region on their part. According to Voigt, further arrangements concerning the building of a connection between the B 178 and the Czech motorway will be made on ministry level this very month. Voigt made reservations though: nothing is signed yet. (SZ)

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