The Prime Minister of Saxon, Georg Milbradt, confirmed that he is hold...
Das Projekt wird
vom Regional-
management Ober-
lausitz begleitet und aus Mitteln der GA 'Verbesserung der regionalen Wirtschaftsstruktur' durch das Sächsische Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft und Arbeit finanziert.

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Milbradt on the B 178
The Prime Minister of Saxon, Georg Milbradt, confirmed that he is holding tight to the building of a new Federal road B 178. The project wil...
Newbuilding of the B 178 continues
Financing confirmed in the Federal traffic route plan / start of building of the next section planned only for 2004. The planned newbuilding...
Every week the B 178 is reminded of in Berlin
CDU county council parliamentary group advertised newbuilding in the Bundestag. Following an invitation of the Bundestag representative Michael Kretschmer (CDU), representatives of...
Stolpe discusses road with minister from Poland
Next Wednesday in Görlitz, Federal secretary of housing Manfred Stolpe wants to press his opposite number from Poland to commence trilateral...
Merkel: The B 178 is immensely important
Chair woman of the CDU warmly welcomed yesterday afternoon by 1000 citizens of Zittau. The new Bundestag is being elected in two weeks. One person of the region then really wants t...

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